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The Future of Workspace

Microsoft 365 could be doing more for you! Unlock seamless AI-powered digital transformation with AIX HUB on the Microsoft 365 platform.

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AIX Hub Intranet

Non Collaboration Business Risks

Communication Barriers

Inefficient communication platforms can hinder collaboration and decision-making.

Information Access

Data is scattered across various platforms, making it hard to access and manage.

Security Risks

Without a secure platform, sensitive information is vulnerable to breaches.

Outdated Information

Lack of real-time updates results in obsolete data.

Limited Collaboration

Teamwork suffers without tools for real-time collaboration.

Revolutionizing Workplace Collaboration

At AIX Hub, we understand the challenges organizations face in fostering effective communication, maximizing operational efficiency, and nurturing a vibrant company culture. That's why we've developed a comprehensive digital collaboration platform designed to address these needs head-on.

Communication and engagement

Communication and Engagement

Leadership Message

Gain insights and directives from leadership with our Leadership Message feature.

Active Polls/Suggestions

Empowering employees to contribute to organizational initiatives and improvements through polls, surveys, and suggestion boxes.

Employee Milestone

Celebrate significant employee achievements and milestones empowering teams.

Latest News

Stay informed with the latest organizational and industry news with our Latest News component.

Top Events

Highlight and anticipate key organizational and industry events with our Top Events module.

Employee Birthdays

Celebrate individual milestones and foster personal connections with our Birthdays feature.

Operational Efficiency

Quick Links

Streamline access to frequently used tools and platforms with our Quick Links feature.

Administration Dashboard

Simplify intranet management with our customizable Administration Dashboard.

Employee Feedback

Collect and action feedback to drive organizational improvement with our Employee Feedback tool.

Important Contacts

Facilitate easy access to essential organizational contacts with our Important Contacts module.

Shared Documents

Enhance collaboration through centralized document sharing with our Shared Documents feature.

Task Management

Improve personal organization and task management with our To-Do List feature.

AIX Hub - Knowledge Sharing and Development

Knowledge Sharing and Development

Ideas & Initiatives

Showcase innovative projects and community initiatives with our Ideas & Initiatives feature.


Gain insights and directives from leadership with our Leadership Message feature.

Training & Development

Stay informed with the latest organizational and industry news with our Latest News component.

Health & Wellness

Highlight and anticipate key organizational and industry events with our Top Events module.

Community and Culture

Happiness Programs

From team-building activities to employee appreciation events and social gatherings, promote happiness and well-being in the workplace.

Newsletters & Magazines

Featuring industry insights, company news, and employee spotlights, keeping employees informed, engaged, and connected.

Media Gallery

Access a library of educational videos on industry trends and best practices, and share photos from team-building activities and celebrations.


Hear from satisfied customers, employees, and partners who have experienced success with your products or services.

Personalization and Support

Personalized Calendar

From appointments to events, stay organized and on top of your commitments, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Employee Profile

Showcase professional presence and achievements within the organization, fostering recognition.

AI Coach & Chatbot

Say goodbye to endless searches and hello to instant access to the information you need, with AI-powered assistance.

SOS Requests

Offer a direct line to assistance for emergencies or urgent needs with our SOS Requests feature.

Task and Resource Management

Task Activities

Stay on top of your workload with a comprehensive task management system.

Expense Claims

Simplify the submission and processing of expense reimbursements.

Payroll Requests

Manage inquiries and adjustments related to payroll seamlessly with our Payroll Requests feature.

Employee Service Request

Submit and track requests for HR services, ensuring timely and accurate resolution.

Asset Requests

Facilitate the request and allocation of organizational assets with our Asset Requests module.

HR Help Desk

Provide a centralized point of contact for HR-related queries, support, access guidance and policies.

HR and Administration

Employee KRA & KPI

Set clear objectives, track progress, and provide feedback to support employee development and goals.

Award Publishing

Publicly acknowledge and celebrate employee achievements. Recognize outstanding performance, contributions, and milestones.

Leave Requests Tracker

Track leave balances, and manage approvals with an automated leave management system.

HR Documents

Access employee handbooks, policy manuals, and other essential documents, ensuring HR have the information they need.

Benefits of AIX Hub

Create a workplace where everyone feels inspired and productive.

Cultural Unity

Shares values, news, and stories to foster a sense of belonging.

Seamless Communication

Connects teams and departments effortlessly, promoting collaboration.

Efficient Information Sharing

Centralizes documents and resources for easy access and sharing.

Remote Work Enablement

Provides secure access to resources for remote teams.

Smooth Workflows

Streamlines processes, task management, and project tracking.


Why Choose Us

Our Expertise

We specialize in crafting powerful Intranet solutions that enhance communication and collaboration within organizations.

Proven Success

Our track record showcases successful Intranet implementations that have transformed the way businesses operate.

Skilled Professionals

Our experienced team brings deep knowledge to ensure seamless implementation and functionality.

Security and Compliance

Our AIX Hub Intranet solutions are built with robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive data and information.