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Artificially Intelligent Digital Transformation (AIX)

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Don't Get Left Behind: Evolve your DX with AIX Framework

Digital Transformation

Revenue on the Rise

A Gartner study found that 56% of CEOs believe digital advancements have resulted in revenue growth.

Retail Transformation

71% of respondents in a Fujitsu study said digital transformation is vital for retail success.

Tech Investment Surge

An ICC study predicts that digital transformations will account for 40% of all technology investment.

Early Movers Win

According to Smart Insights, digital transformation has been embraced by 34% of organizations worldwide.

Why Most Digital Transformation Strategies Fail?

Digital transformation (DX) initiatives can be immensely beneficial, but they also have a significant failure rate in lack of appropriate custom digital transformation consulting services or right digital transformation implementation.

Lack of Clear Vision and Strategy

Lack of a centralized hub leads to communication gaps and misaligned DX strategies.

Resistance to Change

Resistance to change within an organization can stall or derail a transformation initiative.

Legacy Systems Integration

Outdated infrastructure hampers new tech integration and complicates legacy system alignment.

Data Security Concerns

Inadequate security increases the risk of breaches, eroding trust in DX initiatives.

Change Management Complexity

Complex change processes exacerbate resistance, hampering alignment and impeding successful digital transformation initiatives.

Lack of Enterprise Architecture Maturity

Fragmented systems due to immature enterprise architecture impede integration and scalability in digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Fails

Key Critical Parameters for an End to End Digital Transformation

Leadership & Vision

Does your top management have a clear vision for the digital transformation journey?

Agile Methodologies

Are you implementing iterative, incremental approaches? Is it responsive to change?

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Are you leveraging data & analytics? Is it part of your decision making?


Have you ensured seamless integration your systems and applications business functions?


Is your digital infrastructure robust, scalable and flexible enough to support growth?

Collaboration & Communication

Are you fostering the right culture, & encouraging collaboration among cross functional teams?

Key Analysis and Assessments to plan a sustainable Digital Transformation Strategy

These reports outline essential analyses and assessments conducted to facilitate successful digital transformation strategy & implementation initiatives within organizations.

Survey Assessment

Gather feedback to understand challenges and improvement areas across all aspects of digital transformation.

Stakeholder Analysis

Prioritize stakeholders, understanding their roles, needs, and engagement levels for successful digital initiatives.