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Engineering and Construction

In the dynamic realm of engineering and constructions, where intricate project management, resource optimization, and strict regulations converge, IT Cart excels. We're dedicated to innovative solutions, streamlining operations, and fostering sustainability.

What We Think And Do

IT Cart aspires to transform the Engineering and Construction sector. Our team actively tracks industry trends and technology advancements to tailor groundbreaking solutions. We envision a future where technology seamlessly integrates into construction, enhancing efficiency, safety, and project success.

Software & Solutions​ for Engineering and Construction

Discover our cutting-edge suite of software and solutions designed to boost engineering and construction projects, client satisfaction and operational excellence seamlessly.

Project Management Sytem

Efficiently plan, execute, and monitor construction projects with integrated project management solutions.

Resource Optimization System

Maximize resource allocation and utilization with AI-driven tools for better project efficiency and cost control.

Document Management System

Streamline document storage, retrieval, and sharing with efficient document management systems.

Collaboration & Communication

Improve team collaboration and communication with dedicated project management tools.

Quality Control Management

Maintain high construction quality standards with digital quality control solutions.

Design and Modeling

Utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D design software for accurate planning and design.


Our Services

Explore Customized Engineering Services for Improved Project Delivery, Cost Efficiency, and Sustainability.

Cloud Services

Hosting, migration, and management of construction-related data and applications.

CAD and BIM Software

Support and customization for Computer-Aided Design and Building Information Modeling software.


Protect construction projects and data and defend against online threats, ensuring confidentiality and project integrity.

Our Additional Solutions

Discover customized engineering solutions that improve project delivery, cost efficiency, and sustainability across the construction industry.

Financial Management System

This financial management system enable companies to track project costs, manage accounts receivable and payable, and generate financial reports.

Supply Chain Management

Manage procurement processes, tracking inventory levels, and optimizing the supply chain to ensure that materials are available when needed.

Human Resource Management

Manage employee data, time tracking, and payroll processing, handle labor costs and ensure compliance with labor regulations.

Ready to get started?

We have a diverse team of Enterprise Solution Developers to transform your vision into reality.

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