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At IT Cart, our suite of solutions is tailored to optimize operations, supercharge productivity and propel client growth across varied industries. Explore our precision-crafted solutions, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to detail and a transparent privacy policy governing data collection and usage for diverse purposes.

AIX Hub Intranet

Consolidates resources, cultivates seamless collaboration and amplifies productivity via integrated tools, elevating communication, security, and organizational efficiency.

Document Management

Master document organization, fortify collaboration and safeguard security, ensuring seamless compliance for an unparalleled, streamlined operation.

DMS Dashboard

Digital Transformation

Tailored solutions propel innovation, streamline operations and enhance scalability, ensuring a seamless transition to a future-ready, tech-driven landscape.

Business Process

Enhance business efficiency, streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks and boost productivity, paving the way for agile and optimized operations.

Business process automation

Human Resource

Optimize your workforce, streamline operations, empower teams and foster a productive, engaged workforce through innovative HR management tools.

HRM Dashboard

Learning Management

Transform education, empower seamless learning, foster engagement and streamline educational experiences with our innovative, user-centric platform.

LMS dashboard

Enterprise Resoucres

Redefine business excellence with our ERP system. Unify operations, streamline processes and ignite efficiency for a future-ready, agile enterprise primed for success.

CRM Dashboard

Customer Relationship

Supercharge relationships with our CRM system. Unify customer data, streamline interactions and drive business growth through personalized, seamless, and data-driven connections.

CRM Dashboard

Supply Chain

Empower your business backbone with our Supply Chain Management solutions. Streamline logistics, elevate transparency and foster efficiency for a robust, agile, and interconnected business network.

SCM Dashboard

Logistics Management

Reimagine your logistical prowess with our Logistics Management solutions. Effortlessly streamline distribution, refine processes, and elevate efficiency for a versatile, integrated logistics network.

Governance, Risk
& Compliance

Strengthen enterprise, enhance transparency, manage risks and uphold regulatory standards for a compliant and resilient business framework.

GRC Dashboard

Financial Business

Uncover data-driven decision-making, harness valuable analytics and steer strategic financial growth for an informed and adaptive enterprise.

FBI Dashboard
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